Summer Road Congestion, Parking Problems?
This is a needed service, for all of West Marin, especially for SW Community Involvement/Support. The West Marin Stagecoach supplies: default and necessary transportation option for residents;an alternative for beachgoers; transportation for clientele and employees of our local businesses. The issue of public transportation/parking in SW Marin, is a major concern of the Agenda of the S.B.V.A. Transportation Committee
next meeting of the S.B.V.A., Saturday-
10a.m.- Jan. 6th,
Stinson Beach Community Center

Please attend one of the 3 StageCoach meetings, in January, listed below, make sure there is adequate service for your local community. If you cannot attend, any of the 3 meetings listed, please send a support email to or call 415 507-2597. See the following supportive email, containing points in favor of increased service.

John Posadas, SBCCommerce,
415 868-1330

SBVA Transportation Committee Member, see the S.B.Community Network, <>

Redwoods Haus-Beach, Bed & Breakfast,
415 868-9828
We Can Make a Difference.

Dear Ms. Bourguignon,

I am an admitted weekender at Stinson Beach and therefore will be unable to attend any of the public comment meetings in January regarding Stagecoach scheduling, therefore I am writing as suggested.

All I can say is more . . more . . more trips would be welcome.

Our street in Stinson overflows with cars in the summer and my husband and I would certainly prefer to use the Stagecoach more often if more trips were scheduled. Traveling over that hill is difficult and expensive for individuals and nearly impossible for the elderly or handicapped in our community. Our town is congested with traffic in the summer when public transit would be used the most.

You have our support for increasing the schedule. Thanks for asking for input

Flooding of Arroyo, due to this mornings rainfall, Dec 13, 2006
I spoke with the wife of Howard Schecter, around 10a.m., in town, she said that Arroyo had a no. of inches of water flowing across it, earlier this morning. She lives on the Corner of Arroyo and Calle Rebeiro. She also said, that DPW, did not clean out the culverts of Arroyo, this year, ..She also said the MCC did not clear the debris from the delta area of Easkoot Creek and because of that a partial flow of Easkoot is alongside the East Side of Arroyo.
Is Howard a member of the AD HOC Flood Mitigation Committee of Stinson Beach or any other concerned organization in Stinson Beach and if so, do you have his email address? She also said in yrs. past, that concerned residents on Arroyo, called the DPW yard in Nicasio, when the culverts needed cleaning and during flooding of Arroyo, only during those periods of crises did they respond. Do you have any info. confirming/supporting her statements? .
John Posadas. SBCCommerce,
415 868-1330
The Marin County Transit District (MCTD) is considering schedule improvements to the West Marin Stagecoach and will be hosting a series of public workshops in West Marin to discuss the Stagecoach and to obtain community input on possible Stagecoach service changes. Please join us at one of the following community meetings:


Monday, January 8th, 6:00 pm
Point Reyes Dance Palace
503 “B” Street, Point Reyes Station


Wednesday, January 10th, 6:00 pm
Muir Woods Park Community Association Clubhouse
40 Ridge Avenue (by Panoramic Highway)
Mill Valley


Tuesday, January 16th, 6:00 pm
Stinson Beach Community Center
32 Belvedere Avenue, Stinson Beach

You may also submit comments until
January 19, 2007
via email to
or by calling (415) 507-2597.

More information about the West Marin Stagecoach can be found at our website


MCTD has printed more West Marin Stagecoach schedules (effective until March 10, 2007). Stagecoach schedules can be downloaded through our website <>
or if you would like to receive a paper version, please send an email to
with the subject heading “Stagecoach Schedule Request” and your name, mailing address and the number of Stagecoach schedules you would like in the body of the email.


Monday, December 25, 2006
(Christmas Day) - NO SERVICE

Monday, January 1, 2007
(New Year’s Day) - NO SERVICE

Monday, January 15, 2007 (MLK Day) - SATURDAY SCHEDULE

Current Stage schedules, routes and map are available at <> or by calling (415) 526-3239.

For more information on the Marin County Transit District, visit
MCTD:West Marin Stagecoach Community Meetings in January 2007
Summer Road Congestion, Parking Problems?
This is a needed service, for all of West Marin, especially  for SW Community Involvement/Support. The West Marin Stagecoach supplies: default and necessary transportation option for residents;an alternative for beachgoers; transportation for clientele and employees of our local businesses. The issue of  public  transportation/parking in SW Marin, is a major concern of the Agenda of the  S.B.V.A. Transportation Committee
next meeting of the S.B.V.A.,
Jan. 6th, Stinson Beach Community Center
Please attend one of the 3 StageCoach meetings, in January, listed below,  make sure there is adequate service for your local community. If you cannot attend, any of the 3 meetings listed, please send a support email to or call 415 507-2597.

See the following supportive email, containing points in favor of increased service..
John Posadas, SBCCommerce
<> ., 415 868-1330, SBVA Transportation Committee Member, see the S.B.Community Network, <> & the Redwoods Haus-Beach, Bed & Breakfast, <> , 415 868-9828.
We Can Make a Difference.
Article in the Marin Independent Journal, Tues. Nov. 21, 2006 -
by Mark Prado
1. Residents on Panoramic Hwy. are resigned to increased traffic due to the Closure of Shoreline Hwy. #1 and detour/alternate use of Panoramic Hwy. , w/o safeguards:  Would you be?  Presently there is a lack and need to install signage[that residents are backing out onto roadway]benefiting both drivers and residents of Panoramic Hwy. that back out of their driveways onto Panoramic Hwy. Signs requiring safer speed limits, an accident due to high speed, would stop all traffic on Panoramic.  Emergency vehicles would occupy both lanes, for cleanup, as such the only access No. to Shoreline Hwy. #1 and So. to 101, would be  closed.. More Turnouts would be helpful, there are a no. of less than sufficient in length and depth,  for Hwy. standards and regulations, that should  be improved by resurfacing, during this detour emergency.  
Let me remind, there is no alternate for four mos.,  Shoreline Hwy. #1 Closure..
2.Detour Signage, is sufficient, for continuation of commerce No. of Detour.  It is not, the signage should be changed to reflect the 1/2 Mile Detour, which is the actual difference in mileage, of Panoramic versus Shoreline Hwy. #1.  

3. This is the slow season for all businesses in SW Marin,  to the contrary, this is the high season, for many businesses in SW Marin:  the overnight accommodations industry of Muir Beach, Stinson Beach, Bolinas, No. West Marin, see an increase in foreign travelers[taking advantage of the incentive rates offered by the motels, B&B's, & Inns - very vulnerable to confusing media releases of Closure and Cal Trans Detour Signage ], this is their vacation period as well as that of domestic summer employees of summer sports and National/State Parks[for example an only summer sport such as white water staff and employees], tour guides, national and state parks summer employees/staff, before snow season employees of ski resorts.  This the
season for Elephant Seal, Whale, Tule Elk, Bird Species[Audobon Society, British Royal Birdwatching Society, Scientists studying migratory patterns of migratory birds, Environmentalists studying decline of individual bird species] , Coho Salmon and the many species of animals and sea life that abound in our forests, beaches and sea, enthusiasts/watchers/ scientists/ naturalists/ environmentalists who seek shelter amidst our overnight accommodations industry and sustenance from our eateries, restaurants and grocery stores here in SW Marin.  Thriving in abundance during this period of affordable accommodations and plenty of parking due to an absence of beach goers and absentee home owners: Commercial and Residential Contractors[roofers, interior and exterior specialists, home builders, re modelers, plumbers, electricians, painters, carpet installers, storm and disaster special workers] ; Cal Trans employees as well as related contractors doing Shoreline Hwy. #1 Improvements; contract employees installing the emergency transmission tower on the Bolinas Ridge for benefit of coordinating Disaster Related Agencies responding to earthquakes-Fires-Tsunami-Flood emergencies. Winter Sports Businesses[Pt. Reyes Kayak Tours] such as Kayak [Kayak and Bike Rental Specialty Businesses, Kayak Tours, Hiking and Running enterprises[ex. Enviro-sports of Stinson, Hike w Llamas Tours], Hanglider enthusiasts and Tandem Hanglider flight enterprises. Last but not least, seniors and other age groups, no longer interested in the Ski Slopes due to age/accidental/choice  inspired physical handicaps or preference to enjoy the Coast Outdoors-watch the waves, run in the surf, enjoy the scenery-unimpeded by loads of people and motorized traffic vehicles, articulate in artistry or photography, nature for pleasure or profit...
4. Contrast:  Year Around Family Owned and Managed businesses with live-in help that depend on the winter and spring season to continue vs. Summer Oriented Businesses with hired help few if any live-ins, that can financially survive until the next summer..  the reportage of this article gave the summer oriented viewpoint.  Harken to the section that covered the Pelican Inn, Katinka Mckay, general Manager of the Pelican, said," There seems to be a bit of confusion out there in some of the media reports, We can see there are fewer people here today"..That is the general misgiving of the housing and food vendors of SW Marin." We want to survive, as a viable business enterprise, The Closure of Shoreline Hwy. #1, during the 4 mos. of Repair", quote Margaret Clayton, proprietor of the Redwoods Haus-Beach, Bed and Breakfast in Stinson Beach. Please ask the opinion of other merchants in the SW Marin Area, who live and work full time, have no reduced winter hours, as well as carry live-ins at their business enterprises, of whether or not they expect full occupancy or patronage during this period of Closure, it is always high season in SW Marin:  the Stinson Beach Motel, the Sandpiper Motel, the Ocean Court Motel, The Stinson Beach Market, the Parkside Restaurant, the Stinson Beach Grill, the Coast Cafe and Blue Heron of Bolinas, The Bolinas Market, Stinson Beach Health Club, Odyssey Video of Stinson and Bolinas, Live Water Surf Shop, etc.  
6. That the business community of SW Marin is are happy and content, with the media coverageof the Shoreline Hwy. #1 Closure, no we are not. We need media support, not arbitrary independent opinion sampling of the uninformed and sensationalism that creates confusion with potential clientele and long time patronage of the affected businesses and enterprises of SW Marin impacted by the Closure of Shoreline Hwy. #1..
2006 Sausalito Business and Art Expo, October 12
4:00-8:00 at the Bay Model, 2100 Bridgeway Ave. in Sausalito
Free Admission to Public
Free appetizers, no-host wine,
Live music!

Free education sessions on marketing, long term health care, retirement planning.

We hope to see you there!

Contact: Sausalito Chamber of Commerce 415.331.7262
Repairs on Shoreline Hwy 1, Mid-Sept through December 2006
Mtg Sept 23rd, 9:30am
Cal Trans will be making much needed repairs on the sections of Shoreline Hwy. #1 from Stinson Beach to Slide Ranch/ Green Gulch Zen Center to South-East Intersection of Shoreline Hwy. 1 and Panoramic Hwy beginning Mid-September [possibly at end of Sept.]- December.
Access to GreenGulch and the Pelican Inn will be via Panoramic to Muir Woods Road to Shoreline Hwy. #1.
-----John Posadas,
Stinson Beach Chamber of Commerce,, 415 868-1330

Stinson Beach Village Association
Traffic Committee
Meeting Saturday.
Sept. 23rd,2006

Bob Haus-Cal Trans Public Information Officer, will appear before the Stinson Beach Water District Board this month,    in order to make the public announcement, answer questions and comments on this project, to all in attendance. This S.B.W.D. Board meeting will be chaired by Scott Tye, applications for candidates to fill vacated S.B.W.D. Board will be accepted until next Friday, also, job applications for open position formerly held by Richard Dingiss are are available at Stinson Beach Water District Bldg.
There have been a no. of comments made since this bulletin went out, as to the traffic signs and singlelane improvements on Shoreline Hwy. #1, bolstering confidence that Shoreline Hwy.
#1 would remain open, during this multiple[10 separate improvements to roadway]construction-shoring/repair project period,  be at the meeting or contact, Bob Haus, Public Info. Officer for Cal Trans directly, for clarification. Businesses affected by the closure, can remain confident that, Commerce will continue uninterrupted, via Panoramic Hwy. and Muir Woods Road,  Sir Francis Drake Blvd.West; Lucas Valley Road West; Petaluma Valley Road West. to Shoreline Hwy.#1- No. and So. What is most important to business owners is for them to individually or through public participation, the media, positive signage at key locations[Shoreline Hwy.#1 and Sir Francis Drake at Olema, the Southern and Northern Intersecitons of  Panoramic and Shoreline Hwy. #1, the intersection of Panoramic Hwy. and Muir Woods Road, Muir Woods Road and Shoreline Hwy. #1, Cal Trans Digital Readout Signs strategically located w positive and nonconfusing directions] to get out that message, Business as Usual-----if those methods are not sufficient then a
general meeting can be coordinated by the Stinson Beach Chamber of Commerce ( with all those affected by the closure and our local Supervisor Kinsey as well as: Point Reyes Public Info. Officer Dell'Osso; GGNRA; Mt Tam State Park; Democratic State Assembly Candidate Jared Huffman; Stinson Beach Fire Chief -Ken Stevens; MCFD; MCSD: to mete out solutions and take positive action to further our mutual needs for continuation of commerce and the steady flow of traffic in SW and NW West Marin...Please pass on this adjusted bulletin to any and all businesses and individuals impacted  by the impending closure for the retrofit  of Shorline Hwy. #1.
Stinson Beach Chamber of Commerce,
See the Stinson Beach Community Network Site at
for continued updates and past history of Shoreline Hwy. #1 Closures for Repairs and SW Commerce Response...
2007 Miss California USA and Miss California Teen USA
Event coming to Marin Civic Center October 13-15, 2006

On October 13, 14, 15, 2006, the Marin Civic Center, the community of San Rafael, and the County of Marin will host the 2007 Miss California USA and Miss California Teen USA event.

This program is expected to bring between 150-200 contestants and 1,500-2,000 people to our area for this event.

As part of our welcoming package to the contestants and their families/friends, the MCVB will provide a series of 200 goody bags upon their arrival on Friday, October 13th.

The Miss California USA Event Team would like those in attendance to get the opportunity to experience all of the shopping, dining, recreational activities, and other events that make Marin special. The MCVB would like to see these individuals keep their spending dollars in Marin County.

We are looking for items to place in the bags. If you would like to provide flyers on your business, restaurant information, shopping information, discount coupons, giveaways, samples, or other items for these bags, we will include everything we receive.

We welcome your participation to promote your business and respective communities.

We need 200 each of whatever you wish to provide by
Friday, September 25, 2006.

Contact for more information
John Posadas:
Marin County Flood Zone 5 Status Report for Sept 1, 2006 regarding the Arenal Bridge

To the Ad-Hoc Flood Committee
I just got copies of a couple of e-mails wherein you had some
questions re Zone 5 activities.  With respect thereto;

*    Yes, it appears that everybody is on board with this work so long as we do it late in the summer and take all necessary environmental precautions.  

*    Sediment will be removed at Calles Del Pinos, Sierra, Pradero, Onda and Arroyo.

*    We will be processing the necessary paperwork, etc. over this winter to establish this as an annual program.  We will be working with the regulatory agencies and the environmental community and do not expect it will be too much of a hassle.

I hope this answers your questions but if you have others please feel free to ask.

John Wooley
Read more on the
County of Marin Website
click here
The Need to clear debris and build retaining walls at EASKOOT Creek Landside

David Boyd, Senior Enviromental Scientist, Calif. State Parks,
North Bay District,
P.O. Box 1016,
Novato Ca. 94948,
phone 898-1213,
cell 415 706-0448,
fax 415 898-1213.  

Dear Dave, I am asking you in the name of the inhabitants of the flood plain bordering Easkoot Creek, why and what is going on, in order not to repeat the experience of last years flooding. There has been no dredging of the creek, whose creek bottom raised up to 5' in areas, resulting in the flooding of many residences in the Pradero and Pinos Streets of Stinson Beach. There has been no removal of debris from the Landslide onto Easkoot Creek, from Tamalpais State Parkland, nor any shoring of that landslide, to prevent further debris from entering the creek, further raising the creek bed downstream, that could increase the likelihood of further flooding of more residences, businesses and a worst scenario of the loss the the Easkoot Bridge, spanning Shoreline Hwy. #1 at Belvedere. If the Bridge should be impacted by the accumulation of debris as well as the rising of the creek bed, enough to fill its interior throughfare, it would become a dam, flooding the

Disaster Emergency Response storage of the Stinson Beach Volunteer Fire Department Building as well as erode the adjacent earthen and rock banks, ultimately leading to the erosion of the East Commercial Area of Shoreline Hwy. #1[Healing Arts Center, S.B.Medical Clinic, S.B. Chiropractic Clinic, S.B. Bookstore, Stinson Beach Grill, both Village Green Parks, the Post Office Complex and the Shakespeare at Shakespeare Grounds], as well as imperil the Redwoods Haus-Beach, Bed and Breakfast on #1 Belvedere and Shoreline Hwy., the Stinson Beach Motel, Starbucks Salon Bldg., Live Water Surf Shop Bldg., Sandollar Restaurant, Oceanic Realty, Meristem Florist, Fire Chief Ken Stevens Residence, Many Villages Emporium, Stinson Beach Market, as well as other residences located on the West End of Shoreline Hwy. that is the Southern Area of Commercial in Stinson, the No. East Section of Commercial and Residential also is in peril.. To be included in the Fema and Ca. State Remedy of after flood mitigation, being allowed to raise the aforementioned on piers, is not feasible, in a commerical enviroment[raise firehouse? the medical center?], not a solution to our beloved Community's needs..A much simpler method is to remove the offensive material, stop the talking, get down and do the right thing, discount the impact on the polywogs/fingerlings, they can be placed by volunteer enviromentalists in holding pens[this is a fish friendly period of the year] until the project iscompleted before the rains begin. The affected past flood victims and the potential flood residents of Stinson Beach as well as SW Marin and NW Marin who have similar flood related potential and experience, invite you to reply to this plea, to insure that our livelihoods, homes and businesses will not be negatively impacted by a repitition of last yrs. floods, due to the lack of preventitive measures that can be carried out forthwith by the State,
Federal and County Agencies that are there to protect us from floods, lets not repeat the New Orleans Experience. Your response will be posted, to the Stinson Beach Community Network Site, <> , John Posadas, 415 868-1330. There is a need to address the business community of Stinson and SW/NW Marin, a meeting to be scheduled by the Stinson Beach Flood Advisory Board, may address that need, otherwise, there may be a meeting called by the Stinson Beach Flood Victims of 2005 themselves, at which, you will be invited to address.
Bulletin May, 2006
Highway 1 approaching Stinson Beach is undergoing repairs due to sinkhole damage and large cracks due to recent storms - USE CAUTION!!
Alternate Route is Panoramic Highway
Neighborhood Watch Program
This Saturday, May 6th, Deputy Ted Keehn will address the SBVA between 10 a.m. - Noon, over the merits of a Neighborhood Watch Program here in  South West Marin.  All those negatively impacted by: unlawful behavior; the continuance of substance abuse by locals,  overtheHill transients and day time visitors to our community; crimes against personal property; home invasions & breakins; trash in our woods and beaches leftover from illegal campgrounds-should attend, voice their concerns, get questions answered and make suggestions on how to improve our living conditions in our Greater Community of SW Marin.  Remember,  the improvement made in the cleanliness and return of security  to the Beaches and surrounding neighborhoods of SW Marin during and after last Summers, 4th of July celebrations, due to the coordination and cooperartion of concerned members of the residential and business community of SW Marin with the Marin County Sheriffs Dept. and Ca. Hwy. Patrol, in order not to repeat the chaos of July 4, '04. .......John Posadas,, SBVA Traffic Committee Member, 415 868-1330.
Neighborhood Watch PDF
Neighborhood Watch Info
Vehicle Security PDF
Opinion: Another Milestone for Crime due to Meth Use, the break-in of the Stinson Beach Medical Center in Stinson this week has stimulated the need for the creation of a Neighborhood Watch here, in SW Marin, or has it? Do we collectively need to pool information about what we experience and see on our Beaches, in our Woods and on our streets: the corruption of local youth; continued migration of lawless and drug addict homeless individuals that contribute broken beer bottles, litter, cram our medical centers in search of vicodin/pain killer prescriptions, drink openly in public, sell drugs[meth, heroin, crack] to locals as well as their own brethern, camp anywhere and everywhere, pose a health hazard and practice poor hygiene, break/squat in empty or occupied homes as well as vehicles; face it SW Marin is a pushover and ripe for the plucking..This Saturday, the Stinson Beach Village Association will meet at 10a.m., there we can discuss this matter until Noon, do come and be frank about what is happenning in our greater Neighborhood of SW Marin, the intermittent car burglaries and all of the latter mentions, what to do about it, do we support our Local Law Enforcement, do we gather information and clean up this situation or continue the same..Come voice your feelings on this matter, its going to be a long hot summer, afterwards a wet cold winter,,,They got to go somewhere else, maybe back to San Rafael or San Francisco, SW Marin is experiencing the Summer of Love but they ain't the FlowerChildren.. John Posadas, Stinson Beach Chamber of Commerce, Stinson Beach Village Association Traffic Committee... If you can't make it, email me your ideas on this matter and suggestions so they be aired at the meeting.
John (and Others):
Make sure to ask him the status of whether or not Marin County will deploy a traffic officer (deputy sheriff or parking officer) at Stinson Beach on weekends and holidays during the upcoming summer?

Paul Bignardi
Transportation Planner
National Park Service - Golden Gate NRA

Solar Stinson Sunday
Who: Stinson Solar Group,
a committee of the Stinson Beach Community Center

When: Sunday, Valentine's Weekend, 2/12/06:
10 am to 6 pm

What: A day-long solar energy education fair

Where: Stinson Beach Community Center
on Belvedere Ave., between the Fire Station and the Church and opposite the Redwood Haus B&B, just off of Shoreline Highway (Highway One)

Why: To educate the local community about opportunities to go solar
and together input from the larger solar advocacy community about how best to proceed in light of the recent approval of a $3 billion 11-year solar program for the State of California and Marin County's efforts to boost county consumption of renewable energy under the Community Choice Aggregation law.

Draft Program as of 1/17/06

10:00 am:
Doors open. Opening ceremony takes place.
Opening Remarks by Marin County Supervisor Steve Kinsey and solar advocates hailing passage of 11-year state solar program at the California Public Utilities Commission last week.

10:20 - 11:30 am: Local Government Panel

* Gwen Johnson,
Marin County's Solar Coordinator, will describe incentives and services offered by the County to unincorporated portions of Marin County
[10 minutes]
* Don Smith of Environmental Design Services will describe ongoing efforts in Bolinas to develop a community-based approach to solar energy (and efforts by the Bolinas Public Utility District to install a small wind turbine)
[10 minutes]

* Dan Pellegrini, Cooperative Community Energy, will describe the "Solar Sebastopol" program's approach to developing a community-wide solar energy program; [15 minutes]

* Steven Heckeroth, a solar architect and pioneer, will describe
community-based solar programs being launched in Mendocino County; [15 minutes]

11:35 - 12:15 pm: First Keynote Presentation

* Richard Heinberg, professor at New College of Santa Rosa and author of the book The Party Is Over, will provide a sobering view of future energy choices and why the shift toward solar and renewable sources is so urgent;

12:15 - 1:15 pm: Space Debris Musical Performance [Lunch Is Served]

1:15 - 2:30 Marin County's Solar Legacy

* Anoosh Mizany,
President of the Solar Depot, will draw upon his 27 years of experience in the solar industry, focusing his comments on design and installation issues that he himself addressed when building his home in Nicasio;
[15 minutes]
* Aran Collier of SunFirst of Muir Beach will present local case studies of successful solar hot water and solar PV systems;
[15 minutes]

* Roy Philips, President of Marin Solar of San Rafael, will present a slide
show detailing some of the technical issues involved with solar photovoltaic
panels; [15 minutes]

* Robert Gould, GreenLight Solar, will address the economics of solar energy and the recent CPUC 11-year state incentive program.
[15 minutes]

2:30 - 3:15 Second Keynote Presentation:
* Donald Aitken,
Union of Concerned Scientists, will present an inspiring
vision for a solar energy future.

3:15 - 3:45 Open Forum on Stinson Solar Program
(featuring comments by Barry Harris, Sandy Leon Vest and other local solar pioneers);
moderated by Peter Asmus

3:45 - 4:45 Closing musical performance by Leon Vest

4:45 - 6:00 Mingling, Final Words and Closing Ceremony

For more information, contact Peter Asmus at or call
(415) 868-9866.
Archived 2005 News

Merchants Meet to Smooth Way for Detour

A meeting was called by the Stinson Beach Chamber of Commerce for merchants in West Marin to discuss the proposed closure of Highway 1 with the purpose of minimizing its impact on local business. The road will be closed from Panoramic Highway to Pacific Way (just south of Muir Woods Road) from September 6 to October 15. Traffic will be detoured onto Panoramic Highway and Muir Woods Road.

The meeting held August 15 began at the Redwood Haus and later moved to Stinson Beach Community Center. At the meeting, Bob Haus, Public Information Officer from Cal Trans, explained the road closure would be on Highway 1 from the first intersection with Panoramic Highway to a point below Green Gulch, prior to the town of Muir Beach. He explained the road closure is necessary to prepare a specific area that is in critical danger of sliding, and must be repaired before the winter rains. Haus explained that the closure was originally scheduled for July, but is now proposed to start in early September, and to last for four to six weeks.

The business representatives gave feedback were concerned with the timing of the closure at the beginning of “Indian Summer” when tourism to local businesses increases but Haus stated that rescheduling was not possible.

Merchants requested that Cal Trans direct traffic to the alternate route via ordinary green or brown road signs which were deemed more inviting. A series of four signs were discussed unanimously and then drawn out, numbered, and their corresponding locations were drawn onto the Cal Trans map and given to Bob Haus.

A follow up meeting is planned for Sat. Sept. 3, discuss progress on the signs and CalTrans measures for timely completion of the project. All merchants and interested parties of the affected area of West Marin are welcome to attend. The meeting location is at Village Green II located at Calle Del Mar and Shoreline Highway 1 [the park in front of the post office], phone: 415 868-1330 for more information. Present at the meeting will be Cal Trans Public Information Officer, Bob Haus, and Paul Bignardi, National Park Service Coordinator, as well as County Supervisor Steve Kinsey.

Anyone interested may contact the Stinson Beach Chamber of Commerce, 415 868-1330, Individual merchants that would like to be included on that site, can contact Patricia Rattray at, Inclusion is free and encouraged.

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